Hoarder Cleaning & Junk Removal

Blue Cord offers hoarder cleaning and junk removal from some of the nastiest homes in the Kansas City area. I'll let our pics speak for themselves. If you'd like to know more, learn about us.

These pictures are NOT for the faint of heart.


After Our Extensive Hoarder Cleaning

Blue Cord REO Preservation of KC Junk Removal has been awarded many contracts over the years. We are very proud of the work we do in hauling away junk and performing hoarder cleaning services. 

There's nothing worse than living in a place like this. The homeowner is literally better off living on the streets than to breathe one more breath of this toxic environment. We feel extremely proud to be able to help the homeowner or property manager to be relieved of this toxic nightmare.

Benefits of Hoarder Cleaning:

  • Trip hazards removed
  • Mold and mildew removed
  • Insects removed
  • Small rodents alive/dead removed
  • Infectious diseases removed
  • Toxic spills or fumes removed
  • Unseen hazards uncovered, removed, & remedied
  • Clear and mental peace of mind
  • Ability to be mobile and move quickly should danger be present, i.e. fire, smoke, tornado, earthquake, etc.
  • Company will come over again allowing you to be friendly, cordial, and social.
  • Becoming the hero of your spouse and kids again
  • Regain that intimate spark in the bedroom again (or anywhere now that everywhere is accessible)

Even if you don't need hoarder cleaning, let Blue Cord haul away junk located in your home or on your property. We offer several services in the Kansas City metro area across state lines. 

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