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A little bit about us at Blue Cord REO Preservation, a KC junk removal and property clean up company. We're a small family owned KC business.

My Name is Paul. I'm the owner of Blue Cord. I started in the business shortly after the 2008 housing bubble when foreclosures were through the roof. I later saw a need in the industry to offer junk removal in the Kansas City area when banks were changing their "MO" in the way they handled foreclosure properties. 

Now Blue Cord offers:

  • Foreclosure Property Clean outs
  • Junk Removal of all kinds
  • Junk Haul Away of several types of items that include interior and exterior
  • Brush Removal
  • Curbside Pickup
  • Home Junk Removal (from moving in or out of your home)
  • And so much more Junk Removal 
Blue Cord Junk RemovalBlue Cord Junk Removal Family Owned

Junk Removal is all about what we do. Take a look at just some of our haul away junk removal jobs, before and after pics.

Junk Removal BobcatJunk Removal with Bobcat
Junk RemovalJunk Removal Before
Garage Junk RemovalGarage Junk Removal Before
Tire RemovalTire Removal
Junk RemovalJunk Removal After
Garage Junk RemovalGarage Junk Removal After
Commercial Junk RemovalCommercial Junk Removal Before
Commercial Junk Removal AfterCommercial Junk Removal After
Commercial Junk RemovalCommercial Junk Removal Before
Commercial Junk RemovalCommercial Junk Removal After

We're Insured up to $2 million and have performed haul away services for several real estate companies, commercial, and homeowners across the Kansas City Metro area. Yes! We're insured to work on both sides of the state line.

I lost my job back in 2009 in the manufacturing industry in Lenexa KS. I always wanted to work for myself so when the 2008 bubble hit, I saw it as and opportunity. I haven't looked back since. I already owned everything I needed to provide junk removal services so the decision was easy.

I'll be the first to tell this is NOT an easy job but it's a wonderful feeling helping people get rid of their junk and even finding someone else who can use it. It doesn't always go to the landfill. Appliances that work will end up going to a family that is in need of one. Mowers and other tools will also be repurposed to those who are in need of tools that work.

My job is to help you get rid of items that others can use so you can reclaim usable space or just live a more simpler, minimalist lifestyle. Trust me. I know the feeling.

Blue Cord offers free estimates for large jobs or,

For a quote for junk hauling services,

Better Call Paul  913-548-3807

Text a Pic, Get a Quote!

 For larger junk hauling or trashouts,

Contact Us for a free estimate.

3 payment methods - Cash, Check, or PayPal.

We only want to treat you the way we'd want to be treated.

That's the Blue Cord Promise!

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